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7TH YEAR OF THE M5 1/1/07 -12/31/07

12/31/07 $3.85 AND GOING DOWN... De-listing pool started. Emmis disalusion pool about to start.

12/22/07 EMMS $3.88 AND GOING DOWN.... As Jeff gives himself and his band of thrives a special dividend on the special stock only they hold. Stock holder want him to liquidate so they could recover $20 a share but Jeff said no. He is to occupied bleeding this puppy dry to worry about employees or stock holders. I have to say it, "I told you so". This all sounds just like the final days at Enron.

12/03/07 EMMIS CONTINUES TO SINK.... I`m back and this was sent in from a investors blog,

"EMMS now with a $4.00-$3.00 status is nothing but junk. The smart money did well shorting this dog based on their lack of ability to even make money in New York which is the #1DMA in the country, I'd say this company is dead as management is void of any idea of how to run the firm. The real tragedy here is the employees of the company who have been sold a bill of goods. Some will not even get jobs in the industry. Others have lost great jobs. And some will have to take HUGE salary and position cuts and even move. I can't stress enough how important it is for those who can salvage ANYTHING at this point to get out. EMMS is a sinking ship and it's going down fast. HERE ARE SOME FACTS: SO... Them owning print is a GOOD thing? Come on. The core business of the company is based on legacy media (RADIO). Like writing on cave walls. Time Warner is losing money in print, the new York times is losing money in print, Times Mirror is going out of business. New York Times distribution is down to 1 million. Print is going to save EMMS, what a joke. Again a fool's wish. Some of the reasons the company will flounder or die a slow death. 1. Stock was at $56.00 now in $4.00 range went below $4.00 today - that says it all but some want to be there when the body stiffens. 2. The CPM's charged by Digital are pennies and even at industry levels of organic growth the company would still tank. 3. Broadcast Radio numbers are down and EMMS is even way below the industry average 4. HD numbers are moot based on electronic penetration into market 5 year window at best. SONY and others won't save the industry. Don't think for a moment that HD is a magic bullet it will just open the market for others who based on FCC mandates will have a totally different business model. 5. The clients and advertising agencies consider EMMIS a dying ship and inventory goes begging or is reduced a great deal. Those in traffic and inventory and planning know the real deal. It's sad. It's a fire sale. 6. Sat radio while eroding some of the market is also dying as the top two companies must merge just to get operational and talent costs in check.7. The company going private serves no one and the up-tick on this from a historic perspective in tiny. If you bought today at $4.00 you might get $1.50 back a loss of $2.50 per share. Employees with stock will get screwed BIG time. Look at the short contracts and look at how many are buying then selling and treating this as a penny stock. Suckers are buying and getting killed by people who just know the BASICS on trading. 8. Evan in their TOP DMA's in the U.S. New York, Chicago & L.A. they are losing money. That means that in the most profitable broadcast geographics they can't even break even. 9. Now they want to acquire more from other broadcasters more debt? This is like a guy with a gambling addiction taking his underwear off and placing it on a number on a roulette table. Even if he get's his underwear back he's still lost everything but his underwear. 10.There will be "Brain Drain" As real talent is smart and business, creative and tech staff are ALL looking for jobs. They know the stock paper and promises made are just to keep the company up and running while it takes a dive. 11. I feel sorry for the employees of the company that believe in fairies as they are being told to stay on a sinking ship with a promise of a BIG pay-day if they go private. We've ALL seen this before and it's a sham. Grants at anything are worthless. This is a sinking ship and anyone who does not get out now is staying on a "Ship of Fools" Take your hard earned money and buy stock in a REAL company not EMMS. It's a dying DOG. Watch every day as traders go in buy and then sell positions to make money on the stock as it dives."

The street agrees with your webmaster , EMMISSUCKS!

11/16/07 EMMIS STOCK AT $4.?? ....Can you say "De-listed". Under mounting debt and shrinking income the empire is heading for a crash. I may be writing the obit sooner than I planned.

11/11/07 ALL'S QUIET ON THE EMMIS FRONT... A bit of Veterans day tie in. Not much going on with the last cube in the hive. The would be buyer is now in reorganization and the VUE deal seems to be on the back burner. The ad for VUE chief Engineer has been pulled from many web sites but no word if the position has been filled.

I did just get another email from an employee of a non A-Mess station now suffering from problems brought in by a FE Emmis manager. I was hoping this would not happen but it seems as though the bad habits that infect the culture of Emmis are being transmitted to non-EMMIS stations by drones that were indoctrinated. Reports of the mis-managers include hostile work environment, race,age, sex discrimination and a long list of other bad habits encouraged in the hive. A word of advice to those who get a new manager in TV, find out were they worked before they came to your sand box.

Your web master will be on vacation for a few weeks enjoying some time away from mocha city.

09/23/07 WVUE SALE PROBLEMS.... The possible buyers are having "problems" that may lead to a no-sale. Insiders at the would be buyer indicate that the would love to buy WVUE and share all the new hardware among all the other stations in the group. This would be bad for ,after all Emmis did as little as possible to polish the pig in order to sell it. Even after Emmis it looks like VUE will be cursed. The lucky ones got out. A FE recently said..."I would like to see the new layout but I do not know any one left there." The "T" virus is out of control at Emmis.

09/16/07 EMMIS SUED BY BOVINE.... Emmis is now being sued by former employee shock jock Mancow for blackballing him. Emmis Breaking the law, say it isn`t so. Many WVUE CE`s are on edge regarding new owners that may equal or be worse than Jeff. Stock at $6. The truth continues to be posted.

09/02/07 ANCHOR DRONE CALLED UP....Patrick Evans weekend anchor has been called up to active duty and is shipping out. I wonder if the mismanages will fill his slot with another drone permanently. A FE anchor was heard from ,every one who leaves Emmis thrives personally and professionally. And so it goes.

08/18/07 POSSIBLE BUYERS FOR LAST CUBE..... While we do not know if the final insurance check has been cut one or two corporations are looking into buying WVUE. ComCorp and Knight Broadcasting .It was reported "They are licking their chops." Some say these two companies are connected some how. I do not know but word is that some CE`s are dreading this move. Both these companies do not have good reputations and one is in chapter 11. These drones have suffered enough lets hope for the best. Emmis stock has been flirting with $5 & $6 I believe the market de-list a stock that stays below $5 for a few months."Let my people go!"

08/12/07 RADIO DIVISION HEARD FROM.... In an email from the radio side of A-Mess titled,

"Another Rat Leaves the Ship"

"Toward the end of the article, you'll note that "Barry
Mayo" is bailing out of A-Mess.

I realize that your focus is on TV but when a guy
quits a GM gig in NYC, that says something, and the
something is not good."

Link to full article BY ROBERT FEDER Sun-Times Columnist

Barry Mayo, the former Chicago-based president of Broadcasting Partners Inc. who also was the founder and first general manager of urban adult-contemporary WVAZ-FM (102.7), has been appointed president of Radio One, Washington-based owner of 60 radio stations.

He most recently was a consultant and also served as senior vice president and New York market manager for Emmis Communications."

I am not a broadcast radio person but leaving the #1 market says a lot about his confidence in the owners. Another viewer sent in a link to an article in Radio Ink, a radio marketing mag.

"Emmis Announces Stock Repurchase Plan

Emmis Communications’ board of directors has authorized the repurchase of its Common Stock, up to an aggregate value of $50 million. Transactions may occur from time to time, either on the open market or privately negotiated. Purchases are expected to be financed through cash flows from operations and borrowings under Emmis' existing credit facility. The stock repurchase is subject to prevailing market conditions and other considerations. "

Jeff and the boys are once again trying to pump up the stock, must have one of the gang trying to bail out.

Emmis trading below $6 a share, far below the market percentage dip.

"You row to serve this ship, row well and live."

08/03/07 WVUE GOES MUTE.... With the evil help of Kelly Donnell WVUE tapped the legendary voice of the station. He is now working across town. As one person put it,

"Evil never sleeps"

WVUE has lost the last of the old timers who gave the station its uniqueness in the market. The HAL 9000 continues to error error. The first story in the 9 pm show tonight opened with a still shot that would not roll. A FE sent in a semi pro-Emmis comment,

"I have to take Emmis's side on this one. SJL is running their television stations into the ground and is looking for a scapegoat to cover up their own incompetence. SJL is especially upset with KHON because it was harder to achieve the mass tapping they were so hoping for. I hope Emmis doesn't give them a cent. Smulyan is the freakin' Pope compared to (XXXX).


I told this FE that I am sure a few companies out there have to tie or beat Emmis for being poorly run and anti human.I will leave those to others to report on. This is only the fourth pro-Emmis comment sent in during the six year run of this site. Tuesday is Soylent Green Day !


07/22/07 EMMIS $10M SCREW JOB.... A reader sent this in,

"A source familiar with the matter says SJL/Montecito
is accusing KHON of running local commercials over
network commercials and programs, a practice known as
network clipping that allegedly earned the station
more than $800,000 in additional revenue.

SJL alleges that the additional income inflated the
station's broadcast cash flow and therefore, the
purchase price it paid for the station."

This was just a part of an article , link to full text . This shows how far Jeff and his gang have gone to not only screw investors and employees but also buyers and networks. Currently Emmis is once again doing this with the last TV cube in the hive WVUE. The main reason they have not been in a hurry to sell is they want the insurance windfall after low balling the re-build. The claim is not closed so they do not want to sell yet, after all they want to take the cash and leave any buyer the shaft. This site has reported many questionable business practiceses by Jeff over the years and I am sure we only know the tip of the ice burg. Jeff had no comment.

07/11/07 EXTRA EXTRA EXCLUSIVE.... Emmis Pre-Gags future hires. I can only confirm this for WVUE as I have not heard from any radio people for some time. Emmis has elected to have new hires sign the gag order as a condition of employment, yep they are making drones give up their rights even before they start working. Check out the Gag-Order by following this link. This is an end run around the union contracts that spell out severance. This also gives up your rights to go after them if Emmis violates discrimination and other laws, check par 3,4 & 5. While I have seen some low end employers use the gag orders ,I have never heard of one pre-gaging employees on all these issues. Some employers have you sign contracts for intellectual rights and security gags but non to give up your legal rights. I do not even know if it is legal. I knew a lot of input to this site dropped off, this explains some of it. I will end this post with the same comment at the bottom of the gag-order page.

You have to ask your self what do they have to hide !!!!!!!!!

07/04/07 INDEPENDENCE!... Not only for our nation but all the FE`s out there. Emmis stock now at $9 a share. WVUE`s HAL 9000 exposed as a Ross Overdrive system. Originally the Grass Valley Ignite system was discussed but the cheaper system was bought. Newsblues caught up to Emmissucks by announcing the departure of DG for the Florida, gods speed to one of the best in the area. He put up with more than most under Borg control. Last note for this special post,

HAL speaking "No 9000 computer has ever made a mistake, or distorted information. We are all, by any practical definition of the words, foolproof and incapable of error."

07/01/07 FE SPORTS GUY HIRED BY COMPETITION... One of the tapped sports guys is now working down the street as a producer. No info yet if this is to avoid a no compete clause in his old PSC with VUE. This FE had the universal look of shock upon meeting yours truly eye to eye.A number of FE`s have asked if I know who may buy the last cube, sorry but no. I have had a few inquires from employees of prospective buyers wanting info on what they may have done to protect the station from another rinsing.

On the Friday 9 WVUE did a report on the leaking water system in mocha town. They also reported one of these leaks out side the station was do to Katrina, NOT. The lack of history is showing at the cube. That leak is over 8 years old and rendered the old phone lines worthless in 1999. As reported on this site a few years ago the WVUE sat truck sank into a sink hole caused by the leak.

With the end of Emmis TV near your web master had an idea for the perfect send off. A jazz funeral precession led by the a New Orleans brass band marching in front of WVUE carrying a coffin with Emmis TV on its side. I do not know if it will happen but I am getting some quotes.

I got my proxies stuff and 10K report from the hive, any one who bothers to return this is wasting the postage. Jeff hold the voting stock. As of this time no official announcement of DG`s departure. WVUE`s news is now sponsored by Sledge-O-Matic ,its a slicer, dicer and it even juliennes.

06/24/07 POLISHING THE PIG CONTINUES AT WVUE..... As A-Mess tries to put more polish on the moldy 8. Jeff wants to be rid of TV and the humans it take to run it. An on air CE rolled his or her eyes when the problems of the HAL 9000 were mentioned. Speaking of HAL it is the only thing making watching the newscast fun , I love the on air digital rewinds, cutting to anchors and they do not know it, cutting out of the open less than half way through it and much more. While the over all video and audio have made great gains since the M5 was scrapped ,the news has become a random cast of HAL. It has had one side affect, I now watch it from time to time. With the improved air quality its to bad FOX does not have anything worth watching. As Jeff tries to make the pig shine he is finding ways to make it look more profitable. The main idea lately is to tap (or not renew) more humans. What a shock :-) This may make cash flow look better but in the long run quality goes down with the ratings, Jeff hopes to unload WVUE before that happens. One CE put it this way,

" You thought it was bad in 2001 ,now with us being the bastard step child of the evil one it has gone from bad to worse! The few you knew who survive the death spiral of the empire will be in the single digits and jaded with respect to large companies. Those tapped early on were the lucky ones."

Another said,

"If WVUE was a prison employee treatment would be better by law or the inmates/employees would be able to sue for cruel and unusual treatment."

and last,

"I can tell you the firings of the two sports guys have opened a lot of eyes over at WVUE. Just read the comments on the NOLA page. And if you didn't know Morning show anchor Darrell Greene is leaving for Orlando. He told me from his own mouth, "I wasn't looking for a job until I saw how they treated Damon and Eric. That let me know they didn't give a f**k about how they treat people." Mimi Strawn and Vanessa Oubre are running this joint into the ground."

Some of the post from NOLA.COM,

"WVUE is going to hell in a handbasket.
As a former employee, I know the current news director and general manager are driving the station into the ground.
Both Damon and Eric are great sportscasters. Eric even has ESPN on his resume! Who are they being replaced by? An a**hole kid from Lafayette, and Vanessa Oubre's pet from WALA.

The real reason they're phasing them out is because the fantastic sports duo stood up to management.

Damon and Eric, I love you guys!"

"Well nolabelle06, I am a CURRENT employee at Fox 8 and it's a shame our management team is not smart enough to realize they let go of not only two talented sportscasters, but the two with the most personality in the city!! Who else can make you laugh and give you info like Eric and Damon?
I have no idea what they expected from Eric and Damon, when they barely got the tools the needed to do the job. How can a sports department operate without a photographer and then have to beg for one? I can bet you these guys got turned down 80% of the time when they asked for a photographer. That's some commitment to sports ya got there WVUE! Now people can really know why we don't cover high school sports... they don't want to!

Yes Eric was on ESPN, and Damon could do, and did do, just about everything around the station. Both guys were the ultimate professionals and it's been even more depressing around WVUE without Damon making everyone laugh.

I wish both of these guys the best at whatever they do. This was a blessing in disguise for both guys. Why stay at a station where management treats everyone, especially the two sports guys, like trash. Like nolabelle said, Damon and Eric, We Love You Guys!"

"Coachu, that's why most of the employees at Fox 8, and some viewers, are outraged by the firing. The management didn't give these guys the tools they needed to compete with 4,6 and 26. I know for a fact Eric and Damon BEGGED management for more resources, but our management DOES NOT think sports is important, so the sports product suffered, and Eric and Damon are being let go because of horrible decisions by people above them. You wouldn't ask a chef to cook you a gourmet meal, and give him Cheez Wiz and crackers to get it done with. That's what Fox 8 did to these guys and it's not fair."

For a lot more goto WWW.NOLA.COM. As for DG`s departure, I for one am not surprised. A few years ago DG confided in a small group of broadcasters that He moved from sports to Anchor because he had a felling what was going to happen to sports and he would only stay at VUE long enough to build a segment on his resume. I thought this blog would slow once we were down to one cube but Emmis will not got out with a whimper but a scream. Till the end we will continue to cover that sucking sound from Indy. Row on.

06/13/07 TAP TAP, TWO SPORTS GUYS GONE AT WVUE.... Yep the powers at be continue to chop to make the station look like a good deal to some potential sucker...I mean buyer,

"By Dave Walker
TV columnist

WVUE-Channel 8 sportscasters Eric Clemons and Damon Darensburg have been informed by the station that their contracts will not be renewed.Their replacements -- Eric Richey, most recently of Fox affiliate WALA-TV in Mobile, Ala., and, a little further back, WGNO-Channel 26; and Rob Ennis of Lafayette CBS affiliate KLFY-TV -- will take the air the week of June 18, WVUE General Manager Vanessa Oubre said.Darensburg has already landed a new hybrid job -- news producing, with occasional on-camera work in news and sports -- at WGNO.WVUE-TV'To say the least, it was a mild surprise,' says WVUE sportscaster Eric Clemons of learning the station would not renew his contract.Clemons' contract runs through August, and he said he will hunt employment opportunities here and elsewhere while fulfilling the terms of his contract, perhaps as a general-assignment news reporter once Richey and Ennis arrive.Clemons' time at WVUE coincided with a severe cutback in airtime given to sports, but he soldiered on."To say the least, it was a mild surprise," Clemons said of the news that the station was "going a different direction" with its sports coverage. "I didn't see any of that coming."

He may not have seen it but yours truly did. They have to cut in order to make the station look like it is making money. You web master has received a number of E-mails urging me to cover this drama to its bitter end, no problem. Another FE sent in this,

"Hope things are going well for you. I just wanted to let you know I finally sold my house and should be living in the (XXXX) area by the end of June. However,we could settle in (XXXX) as we don't know yet. So my commuting days are done and I'm quite happy about that. It became quite a challenge just getting to and from work. I love this job and it's changed my whole attitude on life. It's not perfect but then no job is. It's the closest job to perfection I've had though. I've refined my short comedy routine for the job and just on my last trip I was still getting laughs and applause. It always blows my mind when people applaud me for just entertaining them and having fun myself. I've tried to imagine getting applause or any kind of praise from the cube and just laugh myself. They were too busy telling me I didn't know how to do my job. Can you imagine that? I mean consider them trying to tell ANYBODY that they didn't know how to do their job. I'd say that's worth a few laughs. That's why I still love this site and will stick with it to the end. It's a testament to the ineptitude of a few and the perseverance of many.


Some content edited to protect the ID of this FE. Many have informed me of the sports guys tapping and also many have told of the new graphics. Yes I have seen them and as I post this the nine just came on and N.P. was caught by the HAL 9000 as it switched prematurely from the open to her, she had no choice but to look like a dear caught in the headlights. The HAL 9000 has been butchering the news with regularity and no improvement in sight. The over all video and audio have improved immensely since the M5 was scrapped but automation switching still sucks. As part of the new graphics leading into weather they show a ray dome on a tower and big dishes implying they have a radar,NOT. Vic sold it for scrap years ago.Last comment on the crummy graphics, one of the Emmis chants is to think outside the box...that is why they came up with a squared off 8 in a box!

Good move from the promotions dept. The truth continues to be posted. The Hal 9000 has made nine,no ten, no eleven errors since I started this entry. Open the pod bay doors HAL !

06/03/07 WVUE RE-TAPS ONE, BUZZ HOMELESS.... Once again WVUE taps the smartest weather guy in the city. I for one am not surprised. They would not know quality if it bit them.... WVUE activates a new automation system ,a HAL 9000 type computer is inn control. A number of newscast have been blown as the 9000 refuses to open the pod bay doors. The Daily Dud was booted from the former CCC and had to scramble for a temp home.A chunk of the old empire is up for sale as the company who bought them ponders dumping them. As EMMIS announces 4Q losses the dead cat bounce in the stock has corrected to now just below $10 a share. Emmis is once again on its way to bankruptcy with almost no assets to sell.. We have a new sponsor ,as always we recommend you patronize the sponsors :-) As Hurricane season begins one has to wonder how the empire will treat its drones if WVUE is hit again?

05/15/07 FE`S FLOOD MY EMAIL AND VISIT.... Quite a few FE`s have emailed me over the last weeks expressing the joy of watching the empire crumble. One said,

"Hello I'm a FE enjoying Cable life on the (XXX) now, I have crossed many paths since coming here of people who know you, but never met you myself, always enjoyed your site since I started at (XXX) and transferred to the sinking 8. Had to leave once the captain came to town. She is definitely insane. But did you see Randy Bongarten is back as a head guy....."

Randy is now out of the hive so he is no longer a subject of this site. Another said,

"Can you believe its been (XXXX) years since I pulled an shift at A-Mess. I am disappointed that the New Orleans cube is still under Borg control. Some day they will be free. Since I got the tap I have doubled my take home pay. I thank god Jeff tapped me. It is only the way Emmis treats and taps it`s employees that makes them evil. Some day Jeff will have a come to Jesus moment and I do think he will burn."

Many Emmis CE`s and FE`s agree that Jeff will get his just reward.Another FE stopped by today and surprisingly had the same thoughts as I did about Emmis taking WVUE from a number 2 to the bottom. Speaking of WVUE it seems as though the moldy eight is almost fully "repaired" and we now wait for the sale. The band is almost done.

04/29/07 WOULD BE CHIEFS SPEAK OUT.... In only what could described as a strange bunch of emails and phone calls your web master has heard from a number candidates before ,during and after the interview process. They all agree on one thing,.... "These people are nuts and rude." in a word yes. As it turns out the Emmis to candidate turn down ratio is about 30/70. It was a bit odd to have two of these folks locate my phone number and call. All had read the site before dealing with the empire and two said that they only explored the job to see if all posted was accurate. Every one said the captain of WVUE was overtly rude but the staff was friendly. All have said this site has been restrained on its post. Its nice to know other see the empire just as I do. Emmis stock spiked on some more rumors and this online article . "Emmis Communications: Martin Capital Discusses Implications of WQCD Sale" As EMMIS liquidates more and more core assets the company will become less and less relevant as they fade into footnote of broadcasting history. Row on!

04/08/07 RE-BUILDING CONTINUES.... As the final polish is put on the VUE cube no buyers yet. Also they still can not fill some key positions. Jeff once again has rumored to take Emmis private. This has pumped the stock to $9 a share. He must have a friend who wants to unload some stock. Two more FE`s have found this site , it still shocking to hear from these humans after so long. One said,


Not sure who is authoring this web page, but as a WVUE FE I'd like to say;
1) got a heck of a kick out of your page, it's pretty accurate.
2) "the floggings will continue.." quote can be attributed to Al Volker. I
worked with Al at WXYZ, WLUK and WVUE and he used that line every place.

Anyway thanks for the entertainment,

(XXXXXX) WVUE circa 1987-1993"

I have updated the quote section. Thanks for filling in my memory gap. I have not heard from this FE in 12 years. He was one of the best producers VUE ever had. Another FE said,

" Is this site run by (XXXX) ? I could not stop laughing. I did not see the Emmis years but it sounds like they are worse than my worst owners Sinclair. They would also do anything to eliminate humans. The corporations are going to kill the golden goose. Glad you got out and are doing well."

Not much else going on while Jeff dreams up another way to screw his employees and investors. I made this post as #41 just went to ramming speed! Tuesday is Soylent Green Day.

04/01/07 DEFINE: IRONY, I-RO-NY [ ahy-ruh-nee ].... a: Emmis buys TV to expand and save the company .Jeff make this move based on terminating all humans and implementing the M5. Emmis goes from cash rich with no debt to 1.6 Billion in debt and the M5 system fails to work technically or financially. Emmis liquidates TV and still has huge debt left over. b: The first Engineer tapped by Big M at WVUE in 2001 was the first engineer WVUE turned to after Katrina to get the station back on the air. No it was no me. Another station also decimated by Katrina was fortunate enough to have your web master on staff. That station beet WVUE back on the air by months because your web master just happens to be a HAM-TV operator and happened to have the only untouched NTSC TV station not in broadcast service. Needless to say it only took days to get back up and running not months. It pays to have a HAM TV engineer on staff. Jeff is once again pumping the stock, wait for the dump!

03/15/07 HAPPY TAPPING DAY ..... It was just a short 6 years ago Jeff tapped hundreds in the purge of 01. 99.9975% of all those are much better off and will celebrate freedom from the Borg. I did get one response on the recently tapped. One of those who was tapped after the sale of a station said,

" I got the chop and yes the slime balls at Emmis made us sign the gag order so we could get severance. The exit interviewer was shocked that I knew the agreement existed no less what was in it. Thank you for giving me and all those screwed by Emmis a warning. Just like you I know Emmis was the worst company that ever R.O.F.ed me. Its no wonder all Jeffs shams blow up. I will continue to watch your site as the last of the TV empire crumbles. Keep it up to the end, more people than you would think look in for the truth! "

Tapping in TV may not be over if Jeff has his way. Jeff still believes that it is his mission to rid Emmis of all carbon based life forms infesting the Empire.

03/11/07 STOCK PLUNGES AS JEFF INVEST IN ANOTHER WHITE ELEPHANT...Jeff invest a bunch of Emmis $$$ in a direct content delivery company, the street responded by plunging the stock below $8 a share. The stock ended the week just over $8 a share. VIC`s replacement has yet to be found as one candidate put it,

"I would rather sleep in my car!"

TV is no longer even mentioned by Emmis making VUE the real stepchild of the empire. Stock holders continue to say Jeff is over paid, I agree. As a last minuet ploy to boost the stations value during the sale ,Jeff will be implementing some sort of "production control automation" in order to cut staff. Yes he still is anti human at all cost. The new robots are being put together at this time. While they are still using Floracrap for on air automation it is not known what flavor of production automation will be deployed. Production staff start packing. Jeff was heard saying "Sterilize, sterilize, sterilize!"

03/03/07 QUESTIONS AS TO WHEN VUE WILL BE SOLD???... The last cube in the hive is still under re-construction and some of the new gear was seen being installed.

Also once again the question of the future of this site was brought up. I think before the end of 07 VUE will be sold and this site will move into archive of Emmis and Jeff`s incompetence. It is that time of year again, send us your tapping tales even if it was one of those tapped post sale with an Emmis gag order. Emmis stock at $8.11. More to come on the nets longest running Emmis Authority -EMMISUCKS.COM

02/21/07 EXTRA-EXTRA... Emmis sells KGMB for $40M The sale to Delaware company HITV Operating Co. Inc. must get FCC approval but is expected to close in a few months. More on this at


An interesting note, for seven+ years Jeff told the FCC no one would buy either Hawaii station and he was stuck with them wile under an order to liquidate one of them. The minuet Jeff wants to be rid of them ,bam there gone. Emmis lying to the FCC- never:-). This leaves only WVUE TV as the last TV cube in the hive. Financial viability of Emmis still ????. HMS EMMIS sinking fast.

02/20/07 MARDI-GRAS 2007.... While most of the world looks at this as just another Tuesday ,in Moca Town its party time and WVUE has decided to go back to morning coverage. WVUE is some what handicapped with out all those "Bachboxes" as another station in town deployed the version three again.

02/17/07 ALL QUIET ON THE EMMIS FRONT... As I sit here catching a few moments of the moldy eight catered coverage of a Mardi-Grass parade ,I am reminded of how nice it is to no longer be there! On Friday I set up a shot for our coverage I bumped into an FE GM of the sinking eight. This person is still amazed at how incompetent the Emmis management was about TV,

" They had no idea how TV works or how TV programming is bought. They tried to run it all with spread sheets. Failure was inevitable."

It has been a few years since I last saw this FE and it was nice to catch up. So as the good times roll in Mocha Town let us remember the few who are still under the iron fist of Jeff. Row on from #41!

02/11/07 STOCK SLIPS AFTER JEFF PROMISES IMPROVEMENT..... Wile this speech gave the dog a dead cat bounce ,its on its way back down. I personally received an invite to the next stock holders meeting...as did any one who holds a share. Rebuilding of WVUE going slow as dirt. A frequenter of this site asked,

" I do not know why Emmis has not imploded yet, can you explain?"

I have no idea why A-Mess still struggles on. Jeff has made every mistake you can running a company. Another human wrote,

" I heard WVUE was the largest purchaser of AES to EBU converters in the US. :-)"

I get it. Stay tuned with yourAE35 antenna and CRM114 Discriminator on for more Emmis info. Do not forget to send us any TPS reports you may have.

01/27/07 JEFF REFUSES TO RELINQUISH CONTROL... In a slap to the face of investors Jeff said no to ending the two class stock at A-Mess. Jeff knows the first move would have been his "Tapping". Jeff tells the street he will do better ,some buy it and the stock went up to $8.50+ ,will they never learn. Work is still at a snails pace at the moldy eight in New Orleans as the hunt for Vic`s replacement continues. Ads all over are offering $80K-$85K for some one willing to work in the temp job. The only thing keeping Jeff hanging on is his wish to suck the last possible buck out of the plummeting aircraft before he deploys his golden parachute. Lets hope it doe not open. "Warning Will Robinson."

01/09/07 STOCK HOLDERS REVOLT....In a move to have an actual vote ,stock holder proposes vote to end two-class stock. I will point out Jeff will not allow this.

"NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- A major Emmis Communications Corp. (EMMS) investor has launched a proxy resolution seeking to dump the radio chain's dual class structure, marking at least the second media company this year facing such a shareholder proposal.
Martin Capital Management, an investment advisor with 8% of Emmis' Class A shares, asked shareholders to support a resolution calling for a single class of stock, according to a proxy statement released Monday by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Martin Capital has been a critic of Emmis and Jeff Smulyan, the company's chairman and chief executive who controls the company through a special class of stock.
Smulyan made waves last year by proposing and then rescinding an offer to take Indianapolis-based Emmis private at $15.25 a share. The company has said Smulyan couldn't come to terms with a special committee of Emmis directors, and cited a downturn in the financing markets. Emmis Class A shares ended trading Friday at $8.37, after a $4-a-share special dividend in November.
Martin Capital and some other investors said Smulyan's offer, which offered a 13.5% premium, was too low, and complained when Smulyan said he would block competing bids.
In the proxy resolution released Monday, Emmis' board didn't issue a recommendation to shareholders because Smulyan has signaled he won't support Martin Capital's resolution. "Accordingly, the board believes that this proposal is moot," according to the proxy.
Smulyan is in the driver's seat because of Emmis' special class of stock. As at the New York Times Co. (NYT), another company facing a shareholder proposal to remove the special voting power, the stock structure gives extra weight to Smulyan. He owns less than 20% of the company's equity, but controls 66.7% of the voting power through his Class B shares, which are entitled to 10 votes apiece. "
link to more

A loyal visitor to this site sent in a link to database of stupid Jeff quotes Link to site

Jeff has also publicly complained about the number of Emails he is getting about being over paid even at $1 a year.

"Want It? Make it Happen!" Emmis CEO Jeff Smulyan Tells Entrepreneurial Hopefuls

c="/pa/news/images/smulyan.jpg" align="left" border="0" />October 5, 2001, Greencastle, Ind. -- [DOWNLOAD VIDEO: "Make it Happen" 123KB][DOWNLOAD AUDIO: "Make it Happen" 94KB]"The most important thing is, it starts with you," Jeff Smulyan told an
capacity crowd of Management and Media Fellows in the Union Building
Ballroom today at noon. "If you want it, if you believe in yourself, you can
make it happen."

View the article at

What he failed to say was, "follow my advice and you can wreck any company." More FE`s have updated their info, do not forget to check yours. "pull up"

01/01/07 HAPPY NEW YEAR.... As long as you do not have more than a share or two of Emmis stock. The dog has found a new home at $8 a share. Many have said this site was "cruel" to Jeff and Emmis, those people need to read the blogs by the investors- note to Jeff buy kevlar underwear.

Some changes have been made to this site. First is more navigation links on the archive pages. Next is the elimination of the M5 request page, the M5 is gone.A reader of this site wrote,

"You seem to only post the negative about Emmis.Your a bit biased. You should post the pro Emmis submissions as well."

If I have been biased it has been to the positive submissions. All four of them have been posted. At the same time only 3% of the anti Emmis submissions have been posted. I expect this to be the last year Emmis will own TV or even as a company. As predicted by this site the bean counters have caught up with Jeff. So stay tuned as the nets premier site on the downfall of A-Mess covers the end. It should be a fun year."Eject,eject,eject...(pull red handle)"




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